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Hi Friends and Welcome,

I’ve been all over social media forever now. As a business owner its so exciting to see our following grow. With growth comes change, so its probably time to make a friendly introduction to those that don’t know me very well yet.  Call it a small insight into my wonderful world of wedding and event planning.

I am passionate about planning weddings and events because it allows me to give someone the greatest gift of all….TIME.  Tell me you don’t wish you had more of that because you can’t?!?! Some describe me as a hopeless romantic. I can often be found hiding my face or sniffling during wedding ceremonies, daddy daughter dances, and any other tear jerking moments. I think most people tend to think yeah right, you cry at every wedding. You can just ask my interns, its a little embarrassing. Seriously, there is nothing more awesome then the love and passion I get to witness in these moments. Those that work on my team would describe me as all business, blunt, and straight forward. Guilty in that regard as well. I take creating your perfect day very seriously and sometimes that means difficult conversations, serious problem solving, and honesty.

Most weekends if you don’t find me at a wedding or planning another event, I’m hanging out with my two kiddos (Scott and Karsen). Those munchkins keep me on my toes and keep me moving forward. They are the “why” behind every decision I make.  The perfect lazy day for me includes binge watching Project Runway ReRuns and stalking other event creatives on Instagram (don’t judge)! I love a gardening, ice cream, wine, cottage cheese, honey, steak that moos, but the real way to this girls heart is through COFFEE!  Lots and lots of Coffee.  I may or may not be sitting at my favorite coffee shop, The Grind, as I am writing this. (I totally am)

Meeting other business owners and creatives is one of my all time favorite past times. I love connecting and collaborating with people who are equally passionate about what they do. Because I am a bit of a nerd, business words like SEO, customer acquisition, budgets, conversion, and p&l statements get me all excited. So whether you are planning an event or just want someone to talk business with, I would love to grab coffee with you!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Racheal Hollenbeck | BHive Events Owner | Executive Planner



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