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A Guys Guide to Engagement Rings


Ok boys…let’s get down to business…

You know you want to ask her, so what is stopping you?

Seriously…What the Heck??

Holidays are over but Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If that is too cliche for you than perhaps a spontaneous weekend or random Tuesday. No judgement here!

Now that you know you want to bite the bullet, we put together some helpful tips for all you men out there that overwhelmed on shopping for the perfect ring. Ladies you can thank us later!

Photo by: Kelsi Kliethermes Photography

Set a Budget

Figure out how much you would like to spend on an engagement ring. You might have heard of the three month salary rule. If you haven’t, it is recommended that you can spend three months of your salary on an engagement ring. If you are feeling that you should put a few months more of that salary into the ring and go all out you are welcome to. I am sure your lady wouldn’t mind 🙂 In all honesty don’t be cheap but be reasonable, you won’t be doing yourself or your future bride any favors going into massive debt over a ring.  

Choose a Cut

Some couples choose to keep their rings simple and not have a diamond, but if you are wanting stones of some sort there are somethings to keep in mind. There are a wide variety of cuts: round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, radiant, asscher, marquise, and heart. Learn the differences between these and figure out what your girlfriend prefers. We could elaborate on how what cuts look best on certain hand types but just guessing thats a bit TMI for you. Once you have a cut pick on it is time to narrow down the size of the stone.

Pick a Size

Once you have made a decision on cut, select a size for the stone. Size can easily correlate with price when it comes to diamonds. The larger the diamond, the more pricey the ring will be. The diamond is the most visual appealing aspect that others will notice on the ring finger. Below are sizing examples.  I can’t believe I’m even saying this…bigger isn’t always better. I mean we all want a giant rock on our finger but all diamonds aren’t created equal. While we are talking about sizes make sure you figure out her ring size before you purchase. The proposal could end up disastrous if you cant even get the ring on.


Stone Selection

What stone should I choose? The most popular choice is diamonds, but you can choose an alternative stone to diamonds. Personally I’d wear Kate Middleton’s ring ANY DAY!! Look it up boys. Amethyst, turquoise, pearl, and emerald are other unique, but beautiful stones that are alternatives if your significant other is looking for something different. Another unique alternative to narrow this stone selection down is to choose her birthstone or the stone from the month you two starting dating.

Metal Type

Choose what type of metal will be going around the stone. Some options in metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Platinum is the most durable, but costs more. Chances are your girl probably has a preference. I used to think I would love rose gold until I saw how terrible I thought it looked on me. Once again I could go into the fashion do’s and don’ts but I’ll spare you. Take note of what colors of metals she typically wears if you don’t already know from her numerous hints what she likes.


Figuring out which style your future fiance will like can be difficult if you make it, but just ask them what they prefer. This will be the easiest way to figure out what they like and don’t like because they will tell you. If they are active on Pinterest they are likely to have a board about a  future wedding. Men, stalk this board, this is the one time we give you permission to be creepy. This can help aid you in finding their dream ring or something very similar. If none of these options sparks an idea go to your local jeweler and pick something out together. You love her, she loves you…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

Photo By: Pop Wedding Photography

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