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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer


All aspects of your wedding are important, but what happens when your wedding is all over? One of the few things that you will use often to remember the day after its over, is your photographs. Over the years these photographs will hang in your home, you will show them to your family, friends, and your grandchildren might even see them one day. Choosing a wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task just because there are so many to choose from. So we complied a list of some tips to choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your day.

Look at their specialization

Finding a photographer that specializes in weddings will weed out several options right off the bat. Weddings are so different than any other type of photography because they require a variety of skill-sets and various equipment. Some photographers specialize in newborns, while others mainly photograph seniors. Be sure to check on the photographer’s website what they specialize in and while you are there check out their work. You will also want to consider the size of weddings they do, are they intimate or do they have experience working with large parties.  

Do You Like Your Photographer

Sounds like a ridiculous question, but its one thing to like someones work, its another to like them as an individual. Likability is an important factor when choosing your photographer, as you will probably be spending more time with them on your wedding day than your guests. Read their About section on their website and see if this person would be someone you would mesh well with. Ask them to meet in person and get to know them. If this person is someone you could see yourself working with, hire them. If not, don’t because the results could be frustrating.

Pick Your Preferred Style

Every photographer has unique style that matches their brand and personal preferences. Some photographers are more dramatic/moody with their editing, while others have a more light and airy feel. Some may prefer a more posed style, while others are more cinematic.


As shown in the left photo above by Courtney Tompson Photography it has a more light and airy feel. The image on the right is darker and has more contrast, which is by Graceful Owl Designs. Both are beautiful photographs, but each has a different style. Find a photographer that fits closely to you what you prefer.


Packaging and Pricing, There Are So Many Options

Most wedding photographers have different levels of packages. Some come with additional photographers, more hours of coverage, an included engagement session, and more digital or prints. Naturally, the larger the cost the more each package has, but bigger isn’t always better. Ask the photographer what they provide and what comes with each package. Additionally, some photographers only sell albums and prints, while others provide digital options. Each photographer is different so be sure to ask what you will be receiving with each package.


How fast or slow will your wedding photographer deliver your photographs? This time could range from a few weeks to six months. Take into account when your wedding is, is it during busy the season or in the slower winter months. Also, delivering the gallery quicker might not be better, if the images will be rushed and poorly edited, and some only do minor editing period. Take everything of this into account and decide what you would be the most comfortable with.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming but we hope that these tips from BHive Events will help you choose the one that best fits you.  For other planning tips check out our other blogs HERE!

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