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Exciting Planning Changes

Ok so it isn’t the new year yet but we couldn’t wait to share the excitement. It has been a year of change. We always say the one thing in life you can count on is change. How true is that? Chances are you are here on this site because you are planning a big change yourself. We have learned a lot this year and are excited to share with you some changes we have put in place to provide a better level of customer service.

Planning 100% Digitally

 PINIMAGEHey hello and welcome to the 21st century. Well we have been here for a while but now we are super serious. We have gone 100% digital, so what does that mean. Everything you need to know about planning your wedding day or event with BHive Events can be found in one handy little place. A place for you to review our notes and progress, a place for you to upload vendor contracts, a place for budget management, even a place for your seating chart. We have seen way too many binders stuffed to the max. Can you even imagine what would happen if that went missing. If you still feel the need to lug a binder around, you can still sleep easy knowing we have it backed up online.

New Business Hours

Hey we get it planning a wedding or an event is stressful. When you need to talk to your planner you want to talk like NOW. Well we know that planning your wedding during the standard business hours of  Monday to Friday 8am-5pm isn’t always an option. We have extended and updated our business hours so we can be there for you when you need it most. Now we are open twice a week to 8pm to better serve your busy schedule. Unfortunately we still are not available at 5am ;).

Hourly Rates Instead of Planning Packages  PINIMAGE

Ok guys this one is a biggie. We are breaking the planning mold and eliminating “package pricing”. We are now strictly an hourly service, which is such awesome news for you. Have you ever looked at a vendors package and felt like you didn’t fit into one or the other? It sucks being forced to choose between packages and still not get what you want. This literally eliminates all that. We still issue a formal contract and provide you with a list of services to choose from. The difference is now your not forced to pay for services you do not want or need. We know every bride, wedding, and every event is different, which means you can’t shove everyone into the same package. Don’t worry we will still show “package” options to help serve as a guide.

We sincerely hope that these changes help you always know whats going on (without having to wait for an email or jump on a phone call), give you more flexibility, and more freedom to plan your event. Our goal has and will always be to serve you in a way that best fits your needs. Visit our past blogs for planning tips.




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