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I Just Got Engaged, Now Where Do I Begin?

6 Steps to Begin Planning Your Dream Day


Every little girl dreams of the moment of their proposal. They fantasize about where it will be, how it will be executed and what the ring will look like. In what seemed like a proposal from your boyfriend would be something in the far off future has now become a reality. You said yes, now what? You may be asking yourself how do I go about planning my wedding? Where do I begin?

Lets Get Started: Spread the News

In almost anything in life the first few steps are the most difficult. First, be sure to share the big news with your close family and friends. Our suggestion would be to do this in-person or over the phone. Imagine finding out one of your close friends was engaged over Facebook, boy would that really hurt.

Now the Fun Part: The Pinterest Board

Next, start a Pinterest Board for your wedding if you haven’t already. With this make sure you are realistic with your inspiration. If you have a set budget for flowers, don’t be pinning flowers galore. Be realist and remember this is just for inspiration. Brides be sure to include your fiance into this board to get his ideas, remember it’s his wedding too.

The Not so Fun Part: The Budget

Put together a budget. We know that this is isn’t a fun detail to planning your special day, but it is an important one. Make a ranking system of what is most important to you, to what is least important. This will help you and your fiance know where to splurge and where to save. 

Lets Make This Official: Set the Date

Set a date. This date will allow you start booking vendors, sending out save-the-dates to your guests and look for venues. This is the first stepping-stone to other aspects in planning your wedding.

Lets Get this Narrowed Down: Prioritize Guest List

Speaking of save-the-dates, create a tentative guest list. Who do you want at your wedding and who do you don’t? This guest list may take some time figuring out depending on how big your family is. Do you want your Aunt Phyllis there that you only see once a year? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. It all depends on personal preference. If you want a small wedding or a large one, these decisions should be made as quick as possible.

The Most Important Step: Relax

Lastly, RELAX. No matter what happens enjoy every moment of your wedding day and spend that time laughing on the dance floor with your new partner or giggling in the dressing room with your girlfriends. The day you have been dreaming about forever is almost here, so enjoy it. If you find yourself in need of some wedding planning guidance, please reach out. Our goal is to ensure this last step becomes a reality at your wedding. Check out our planning packages here. 



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