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The Dreaded Wedding Budget


Can we just talk about the dreaded wedding “B” word for a second…Yes we want to talk about your wedding budget. Man everyone has one, but no one wants to talk about it. Let’s face it money doesn’t grow on trees, as much as we wish it would. So how do you go about ensuring you are planning a wedding that fits your budget?

We always ask our clients what part of their wedding is most important to them. Seriously, we cannot stress enough how important it is to sit down and discuss with your fiance what aspects of your wedding are most important to you. When we ask couples we commonly get “we just want everyone to have a good time.” Well of course you do, no one invites someone to a wedding thinking “man I hope they have a terrible time.” So let us break that down. What does have a good time mean to you, is it a rockin dj, open bar, great food, the ambiance of the venue, calm evening chit chatting with your friends? As you can see it can mean a lot of different things. Once you and your finance have talked and have an idea of what you feel is going to matter most to you then you can start the budget.

Before you hire or start to have conversations with any vendor first have a conversation with all parties that are investing in your big day. It’s important to know a ballpark of how much you have to work with. Once you have a number then you can start the break down. Below is the industry average breakdown for wedding budgets.

Wedding Budget Breakdown

Reception (Venue, Food, Drink, Cake, ect) 45%

Photography/Videography 12%

Flowers (Bouquets, Floral decor) 10%

Attire (Dress, Tux, Jewelry) 10%

Entertainment or Music 10%

Ceremony (Venue, Officiate, ect) 2%

Stationery (Don’t Forget Postage) 2%

Wedding Rings 2%

Transportation 2%

Gifts (Favors, Bridal party, Bride/Groom ect) 2%

Miscellaneous 5%

This is a great guideline to go off of but keep in mind every wedding is different so every wedding budget will be different. If the dj is super important you might splurge in that area, just remember a splurge in one area is a cut from somewhere else. 

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